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August 12, 2016

Links I Love

1.Busy will be an understatement for us this fall and I will be relying on these tasty freezer meal recipes to keep us eating healthy on the go. 

2. With a couple weeks off from school I have several small redecorating projects planned. On the top of my list is updating my coffee table with one of these books.

3. Watching all the Olympic swimming makes me want to get back in the pool, and watching Katie Ledecky beast all of her races, solidifies how REALLY hard-work pays off.

4. One day we will go to Maui and visit this pineapple farm! 

5. After two weeks, I officially love my new Qalo sport-wedding ring. It is great for the gym and for some strange reason gives me motivation every time I wear it! 

6.  I have done alot of research lately on face oils to add to my daily routine and this review is super helpful! 


ASOS : 50% off CLEARANCE- great items to stock up on for fall transitional pieces. 

FOREVER 21 : BOGO CLEARANCE – I wish I would have waited to splurge at F21 this week instead of last. Great deal! Picture1

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