Becoming a Morning Person + Waking Up Early Like a Pro


For the longest time I have attempted to be a morning person, getting up early and starting my day with a productive morning before work. Every night I set my alarm for 6am which would leave me with 120 minutes of quiet time before work. Every morning I hit the snooze button and wake up with just enough time to get to work! BUT thanks to STOK™ I am prepared to break this habit and start a new morning routine to better my health and brighten my day.

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doTERRA Cocktails + A Starter Kit Giveaway!!


  I love a good cocktail. I love it even more when it rids my body of toxins. Here are a few of my favorite doTERRA essential oil cocktails that have some fantastic benefits. We have talked about the benefits of doTERRA essential oils and chatted with the guru @soessentialmichelle on the blog before, but I haven’t shared all the ways I have been using essential oils over the past few weeks. So without further ado, I’m sharing my favorite essential oil cocktails  below along with the details for a GIVEAWAY going on over at @megstango on Instagram. Be sure to follow my account […]

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5 Reasons to Visit the Lake Before Summer Ends


I am heading to the lake this weekend to see my besties and celebrate a baby on board, engagements, and reunion. I can’t wait for all the fellowship and conversation but I am most excited to get back to the Lake this summer. Earlier in July my family and I spent a week up in Wisconsin living the lake life, something we do every summer, and I am itching to get back on the water. Whether you are a beach or mountain girl, I’m sure you can find plenty of reasons to love the lake. I am sharing my favorite activities on the lake, reasons why I love it so much, and essentials for your next trip to the lake.

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Culottes : Comfy Work Wardrobe


I love going to work everyday and putting in the hard hours to make a difference. I don’t love my stuffy work wardrobe. I try to push the boundaries and wear trendy outfits that are work appropriate, but most days I wear the same ol’ tan trousers with a button down or standard dress shirt. BUT when I can get my hands on a pair of pants that feel and move like sweatpants yet presentable to the outside world, I buy in bulk! Read on to see how I styled these culottes and check out the pairs I linked in the post!

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Links I Love

links I love final

This week links left me super excited for the Olympic opening ceremonies, back to school shopping (even though I am out of school), makeup routine updates and more. 1.The most beautiful and helpful guide to cocktails I have ever seen. I am really loving the champagne cocktails right now. 2. I may not be in school anymore but I still cant help but get excited every year for the first day of school styles. 3. These worksheets are a lifesaver for organizing everything in your life. I especially love this one for cleaning the house. 4. Let’s all be this happy […]

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doTERRA Essential Oils : Q&A with Michelle Brubaker


Fact about me: I hate medicine and for the longest time I could never swallow a pill, especially those huge multivitamins recommended by the doctor. Although I am a firm believer in medicine and know it is here to help, I was and still am concerned about the long term effects of medicine prescribed for every issue. So when someone reaches out and suggests I try doTERRA Oils, a natural remedy and supplement, well I jump all over it. Read on to find the Q&A with an essential oil guru who introduced me to doTERRA Oils, Michelle Brubaker. She has been a huge help in guiding my journey into adding more natural products to my daily routine. In this post you will find general info and tips about doTERRA essential oils and the great benefits to your mind and body.

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