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April 29, 2016

Project Date Night


Spring is busy for the Tang’s and the pace of life with work, travel, and award ceremonies has picked up significantly. Even with color filled calendars blocking off the every hour, it is important that Anthony and I build in quality time away from all the to-do lists and pressing activities. To help us stay on track we are going to start a fun date night series to share ideas that are inexpensive, creative, and can be done in your own home! I hope you enjoy reading as much as we will enjoy the dates!

Let me know what your favorite date activities are? Do you like to splurge once a month, or do something small every week on the same night? Id love to add a few of your suggestions to our summer date list. Comment below on what  you think we should do this month! 

Grill Master Date Night

The first date I will share with you all is our go to date night // Farmers market steaks and veggies on the grill. I prep the veggies and sides and Anthony, the grill master cooks up the steaks. It feels like every Saturday or Sunday we stay in and hang out on our back porch cooking up some good eats. I have linked the grill tools we use.

We love the accessories above and we would recommend everyone of them. Of course you don’t need all these tools to have a Grill Master Date. Use the community grill at your apartment or the grill at the park and make it a picnic dinner. I would however HIGHLY recommend the wired grill cleaner above. We have a family friend who swallowed a bristle from the grill brush. It could have been alot worse than it was and we have been recommending the bristle free brushes ever sense.

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