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March 18, 2016

March Thrifted Finds

Anthony and I finally set our new budget as a married couple. For most line items we have stuck to the budget pretty well, but I seem to always go over on my shopping budget (nothing new). So much so that we now have a line item specifically for Megan’s Shopping. This month I am trying to stick to a firm budget. In theory this should be fine but with my new found love for designer items that tend to last longer, I am eyeing some pricier pieces. Hopefully my saving grace will be the fact that I work above the biggest Goodwill building in our city and thus have a lot of opportunities for thrift shopping. I have found some great treasures this month, which Ill show you below. I plan to update you all on how the budget is working and whether or not I can stick to it each month. I am also hoping Poshmark (I made my first sale by the way) thredUP, and the local thrift stores will keep me in line.

Read more to see what items I found at the thrift store this month. I am in love with the Coach bag and cant wait to find some more Spring/Summer items. 


3 pairs of jeans, top, and a purse = $137.00 Not too shabby??!!


The cutest and most functional patent leather Coach purse. This brand new beauty was on sale for $100 at Yours Truly Consignment Shop in Winston Salem.

It was love at first sight and it is perfect for spring!


BCBG Top $4.00 at MegaThrift in Winston Salem. Super comfy and just what I needed for work.

Do you have any favorite thrift shops? What designers are on your wishlist that you would buy second hand?

Want to shop from my closest? Follow my closet on, I am adding new items all the time! I’d love to add more to my shopping budget!

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