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March 7, 2016

Cooper River Bridge Run

Cooper River Bridge Run- Birthday Celebration.

Last year my college besties and I started a new running tradition. We plan to travel to one big race a year to commit to seeing each other and encourage one another in our individual training. For the inaugural year we ran the Cherry Blossom 10miler. We were thrilled to have won the lottery and all three of us had great races! AND now that the weekend has turned into a couples retreat- we are working on recruiting our men to run with us. Hopefully one day soon AT will be my running partner.

This year we are heading to the Cooper River Bridge Run on April 2. (My BIRTHDAY!) With just a few weeks left to train, I am anxious for the warmer weather and more outdoor runs. I am also super excited to spend my birthday celebrating with my closest friends in one of my favorite cities! I have also heard great things about the Cooper River Bridge Run and we are all looking forward to getting our buts in gear with the masses.

Check back in to hear how the training, or lack there of is going.

Have any of you run the Cooper River Bridge Run? How did it go?

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