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July 26, 2016

doTERRA Essential Oils : Q&A with Michelle Brubaker


Fact about me: I hate medicine and for the longest time I could never swallow a pill, especially those huge multivitamins recommended by the doctor. Although I am a firm believer in medicine and know it is here to help, I was and still am concerned about the long term effects of medicine prescribed for every issue. So when someone reaches out and suggests I try doTERRA Oils, a natural remedy and supplement, well I jump all over it. Read on to find the Q&A with an essential oil guru who introduced me to doTERRA Oils, Michelle Brubaker. She has been a huge help in guiding my journey into adding more natural products to my daily routine. In this post you will find general info and tips about doTERRA essential oils and the great benefits to your mind and body.

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In Beauty, Lifestyle on
July 9, 2016

#reverseyourroutine with Tresemme


There’s a new trend in hair products and it is fantastic. Tresemme has flipped the hair cleanse routine upside down with using the conditioner first and then shampoo. This new product is a life saver from the summer heat, so be sure to read on for my review and to shop the links in the post.

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