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January 16, 2017

5 Goals for Blogging with a Plan

bplan4Can you believe it has been almost 2 months since I have posted, let alone 2 months since I have logged into this site? I wish I could say this was simply a matter of time slipping away, which certainly makes sense over the holiday season, but the major cause is a lack of motivation and burnout. If you have ever read a post about blogging tips, it might say something along the lines of “blogging is hard work and takes a lot of creative commitment.” Well, that is absolutely the truth. I started blogging as a creative outlet to learn more about marketing and content media. Over the past 8 months of MegsTango, I have gained valuable lessons in the industry and I feel much of this expressed creativity has translated into my day-job. Blogging helps you think about your intended audience and the language used to portray the message. After a mini break and some deep thinking, I have decided to keep going at this blog thing. But I know to stay focused and maintain motivation I need to tackle the next 6 months with a gameplan. Below I have listed 5 blog goals that I hope will help me stick to a plan and stay motivated. Hopefully, all these practices will grow this blog and its overall content.

Let me know what you think, what you want to read, and what I should add to the blog! This blog serves an important creative outlet for me, but I also want to engage you all as well, so share your thoughts in the comments below!

bplan25 Goals to Blog with a Plan

1. Brainstorm. ALOT! I am heading into the new year with a list of over 100 blog topics. I probably won’t use them all, as I am certain several are complete duds, but the practice of pre-planning topics and writing them down helps me be more creative and confident. The goal is to routinely create content to keep going.

2. Be Consistent. Moving into 2017, I am going to stick to a regular posting schedule which will include:

-Monday- training/workouts, Wednesday-style/beauty/life hacks, and Friday- lifestyle/Friday Favorites/sales.

-I will have other posts throughout the month that fall outside of these categories, but I hope keeping a consistent schedule will increase engagement and keep me on task.

3. Stockpile Posts. With all the topics I brainstormed, I have several that can be used at any time. I have a few posts ready to go for weeks or days that I am feeling particularly busy or lacking the creativity to design a new one. Having these prepped posts will make sticking to a schedule a lot easier.

4. Be Aware. I want to invest time in learning how to build more traffic and track the growth. I have all sorts of analytics already on the blog, but I don’t have a great starting point to compare the growth over time.

5. Get Social. A huge part of my love for blogging is following other bloggers and learning from this amazing community! I want to not only be more social on my feeds, but also in supporting my blogging peers and reading a variety of blogs. My specific social goals include;

-Read/comment on 20 other blogs during the week.

-Post on Instagram and twitter- 4x’s a week

-Utilize Pinterest to share others content and promote the blog

Do you have any blog tips to share? What keeps you motivated to stick with a new project?

Share in the comments below!


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