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March 8, 2016

3 Month Anniversary

We are newlyweds, so I feel it appropriate to have multiple anniversaries in our first year. But honestly I can’t believe it has been 3 months already. Time has flown since December 5th.

Since our first year of marriage is filled to the brim with firsts and new adventures, I thought it would be fun and enlightening to do a series called Marriage Talk (on Monday of course-I love alliteration). The first post is all about our first three months, and since that is a lot of time and a so much of life has happened- here are three highlights of what I have learned so far. Read on for some wedding photos…

  1. Living with my husband is very…different. I have had roommates since I moved out at 18 and I have loved all of them, but living with your spouse, in your OWN home, is very new. There are characteristic traits and boundaries we are learning to navigate. It is different, but it is so special to come home to your best friend every night.
  2. Married couples argue differently. Anthony and I had a relatively calm dating period- I bickered and he listened, but never once did we threaten or hurt one another. But when you are dating, arguing can be less than productive and is generally focused on individual needs. I cant say all of our married arguing is perfect communication, but we know this disagreement is a small thing in our overall long and loving marriage. So we choose our words differently and think about the ‘us’ vs. individual. * As an added bonus I have improved my listening skills.
  3. Marriage is really freaking awesome. I can’t really find the words to define it, but it is so wonderful to share life with this other person. Sharing it all through a Christ centered marriage has been such a blessing and I cant wait for the months to come.
Our Wedding (Tang) 0450

Our First Kiss

Our Wedding (Tang) 0703

The first dance.


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